QuestionsCategory: QuestionsTry making the first ten minutes of your video the most memorable one
Williamsmith123williamsmith123 asked 2 months ago

You will be amazed to know how to get ads on your youtube videos that a whopping twenty percent of viewers drop off within the first ten seconds of the video. This is the reason why you should always make the most of the most in the first ten seconds of the video. 

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Leroy_MartinezLeroy_Martinez answered 1 month ago

Thanks for the good advice. Of course, the first 10 seconds of your video are important in order to get the viewer’s attention, but it is also worth noting that if your video is not shown in suggestions, it will not be visible to users who will really be interested in it. In order for the video to get into suggestions, it is necessary that it has a lot of views, the service will help you with this, which will quickly and inexpensively wind up views for YouTube.

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